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Northeast High School 

Project SPARC Boosters

The NEHS Project SPARC Boosters is looking for interested alumni, parents, educators and community members with various backgrounds, talents and skill levels to support our activities...  

Operating under the NEHS Alumni Foundation, the SPARC Boosters is an organization of alumni, students, parents, teachers, donors and community members dedicated to...

The Northeast High School (NEHS) Project SPARC (Space Research Center)

Boosters was formed in 2014 to keep SPARC operating in response to budget challenges

faced by the Philadelphia School District.

Image Below - SPARC's Viking Space Shuttle - Used by students for more than 25 years to conduct simulated space missions, it was just retired. 





2024 marks the beginning of SPARC's 62nd year of operation. Congratulations to the thousands of SPARC Alumni and the dedicated faculty who have made SPARC a model STEM program!  




"Whatever career path a student follows, Project SPARC is a defining moment in their lives.  Help future students experience SPARC by donating today..."


Burton Dicht, Board Director            

SPARC Astronaut and Class of 1977

Raising funds that support Project SPARC’s annual operations and the sustained investment for updated facilities, new technology and hardware in order to ensure high quality student activities...

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