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Share Your Training and Experience with Students... 


Do you have training and professional experience you would like to share with students? 


Project SPARC is looking for subject matter experts that can serve as student mentors.  Your role as a mentor is to guide and support the students with their activities and projects.  You can help the students develop new skills and knowledge and watch as they put these abilities into practice through their SPARC activities.  


Whether you have one hour to give or you can come in a few days a week after school, have technical or non-technical expertise, Project SPARC has a mentoring role for you.


Project SPARC is divided into six student groups. The following list describes each group and the needed mentoring expertise. 

Become a SPARC Mentor


Responsible for membership, assignments, public relations and logistics 

Needed Expertise:

Planning, Marketing and Public Affairs, Communication,  Media Administrative, Photography, and social media

Flight Management

Define and coordinate flight activities

Needed Expertise:

Aerospace engineering, astronomy, aviation , systems engineering


First Aid and CPR Training, Space Medicine and Crew Health

Needed Expertise:

Physiology, Nursing and Medicine

Computers & Automation

Responsible for hardware, software, LANs, servers, web development, and video streaming

Needed Expertise:

Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Software Development and IT 


Build, improve, maintain and manage SPARC facilities and infrastructure

Needed Expertise:

All engineering disciplines, construction (Carpentry, electrician, etc.) and construction management


Build, program, operate autonomous and remote controlled robotic vehicles

Needed Expertise:

All engineering disciplines, Robotics and Software Development


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