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60+ years of success in engaging and inspiring students... 

The Space Research Center (SPARC) is a preeminent after-school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education program of the Magnet School and NEHS.  Project SPARC began in the early 1960s to promote the development of leaders dedicated to the extension of mankind’s grasp beyond that of planet Earth.  By educating students with interest in medicine, the computer sciences, electronics, engineering, flight management, and robotics, Project SPARC provides practical hands-on experience for students in their individual fields of interest.


Project SPARC’s day-to-day operations are all student led.

Project SPARC’s facilities include a 21 foot mock-up of a Shuttle Orbiter, an Apollo training capsule provided by NASA, eight mission control consoles, a Graphics and Visualization training center and robotics and electronics laboratories.  At the end of each academic year, a simulated NASA mission is executed, lasting two days, and involving 140 students organized in 6 student-managed groups. The six groups are: Administrative, Flight Management, Computers and Automation, Engineering, Robotics and Medical.


The teamwork, leadership and technical skills intrinsic to the success of the program reflect the maturity and personal development acquired by involved students. 

Space Travel, Robotics, Engineering, Medicine and more... 

Students are engaged and inspired to pursue careers in STEM fields and many SPARC alumni have become physicians, scientists and engineers as well as attorneys and business leaders.  


“The Magnet Program at NEHS was central to my pursuit of a career in physics and engineering. Michael Freedman, Robert Montgomery and SPARC also inspired my partners, Mark Zod and Jack Weiss, to enter engineering. I was glad to contribute today to the Save SPARC campaign. 


John Kamal, Class of 1979

The Northeast High School (NEHS) Medical, Engineering & Aerospace Magnet Program provides a rigorous college preparatory program which attracts students with strong science and math aptitudes. The goal of the magnet school is to provide the education and that will engage the students and encourage them to pursuing careers in the medical fields, engineering, and the aerospace sciences.  Students from all parts of the School District of Philadelphia student population compete to attend the Northeast High School Medical, Engineering and Aerospace Magnet School. 

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